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Sukhoi Superjet 100 by NightRaven49 Sukhoi Superjet 100 :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 4 1 DC-10-10 Finished by NightRaven49 DC-10-10 Finished :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 5 2 DC-10-10 WIP by NightRaven49 DC-10-10 WIP :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 2 1 MiG-33 Fulcrum SS by NightRaven49 MiG-33 Fulcrum SS :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 6 2 Su-37S B.R.S. by NightRaven49 Su-37S B.R.S. :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 13 5 MiG-29A Strizhi #44 by NightRaven49 MiG-29A Strizhi #44 :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 14 2 MiG-33 Render by NightRaven49 MiG-33 Render :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 3 0 YF-23 BlackWidow II by NightRaven49 YF-23 BlackWidow II :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 4 3 Mikoyan MiG 1.44 by NightRaven49 Mikoyan MiG 1.44 :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 6 5 Russian Aircraft Armament by NightRaven49 Russian Aircraft Armament :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 6 3 Random cockpit image by NightRaven49 Random cockpit image :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 7 1 VFA-49 Yak-9K by NightRaven49 VFA-49 Yak-9K :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 6 8 1000 Pageviews with Freedom by NightRaven49 1000 Pageviews with Freedom :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 11 1 Thunderbirds by NightRaven49 Thunderbirds :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 7 0 MiG-33 and F-16XFU by NightRaven49 MiG-33 and F-16XFU :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 8 3 Racing above the clouds by NightRaven49 Racing above the clouds :iconnightraven49:NightRaven49 11 3


OPEN! Commission Pricing (Single Character) by Malnu123 OPEN! Commission Pricing (Single Character) :iconmalnu123:Malnu123 2 1 [Commission] Silent Hunting by Malnu123 [Commission] Silent Hunting :iconmalnu123:Malnu123 8 5 Pe-3 by TheDesertFox1991 Pe-3 :iconthedesertfox1991:TheDesertFox1991 11 0 Mig 29K by p40kittyhawk Mig 29K :iconp40kittyhawk:p40kittyhawk 46 2 Polish Air Force by Ralph1989 Polish Air Force :iconralph1989:Ralph1989 124 46 Updated War Room by Malnu123 Updated War Room :iconmalnu123:Malnu123 3 0 Teufelskette by OliSalzmann Teufelskette :iconolisalzmann:OliSalzmann 30 3 Strike Freedom Gundam by Xeikth Strike Freedom Gundam :iconxeikth:Xeikth 198 13 Foes turned Friends by nynaiqmal90 Foes turned Friends :iconnynaiqmal90:nynaiqmal90 4 0
Born from the Shadows - Chapter III
This particular winter night was rather chilly, when Cloud sped through the gloomy city on his trusty motorcycle, nearing tonight's final destination. The road ahead of him illuminated by street lights, and the beclouded sky promised rain and obscured a full moon.
It was hours past sunset, and Cloud could barely wait to finish this last mission; all he could think of was a nice, hot shower to soothe his aching, frozen muscles, a bite to eat, and a good night's rest; anything to forget all about today's events. Yet, he could not stop thinking about Vincent's cryptic words. His tone had bothered him, as though the man had been hiding something. Cloud's mood had deteriorated throughout the course of this hectic day, and riddles were the last thing he needed. However, asking would have been futile; knowing Vincent's nature, he would have simply hung up before he had the chance.
"There is something you ought to investigate.”
"What's he even on about? I'm just a delivery guy,
:iconrhoey:Rhoey 2 3
Born from the Shadows - Chapter II
The snow storms up north were not to be trifled with, especially for those who wandered alone in the vastness of the winter wasteland stretching far into the horizon. Its lethal icy gusts, and the headwind of snow provided a ceaseless barrage of a thousand numbing needles, obstructing any vision of one's surroundings. Knee-deep snow hindered all movement; one could easily fall victim to wild animals on the prowl.
Such was the case on this stormy day, when an elderly gentleman, driving back to his village on his trusty snow scooter, was sidetracked when he spied an unusual number of wolves gathering in one spot. They seemed undisturbed by the loud roar of his vehicle. A peculiar heap in the snow caught his attention, which the animals appeared to be closing in on. A carcass, he thought. But being hunters, these canines normally ignored a cadaver.
Even so, the many uses that a dead animal could serve were too significant to pass up on; it meant new leather, or a new pelt, and since this
:iconrhoey:Rhoey 4 0
Aile Strike Gundam watercolor by Trunnec Aile Strike Gundam watercolor :icontrunnec:Trunnec 572 67 F-15S - Republic of Singapore Air Force by Jetfreak-7 F-15S - Republic of Singapore Air Force :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 52 0 70 Years of Victory: Yak-3 by xGottfried 70 Years of Victory: Yak-3 :iconxgottfried:xGottfried 19 9 Safer Sephiroth by RadiusZero Safer Sephiroth :iconradiuszero:RadiusZero 2,338 223 Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 1.44 Flatpack by CopperheadYSF23 Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 1.44 Flatpack :iconcopperheadysf23:CopperheadYSF23 12 2


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DC-10-10 Finished
Standing proud at 58k vertices, the external model of the DC-10-10 is finished after a year of work. Now is the time to work on the cockpit, though being enlisted means that now I have less time to work on it.


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